Opinion Piece Challenges Negative Light Around Delivery Services


Opinion Piece Challenges Negative Light Around Delivery Services

As the state of California moves into new legal territory with regards to the medical/recreational use of marijuana, there have been many attempts in local papers to clear up the confusion with regards to the local municipal regulations.  According to Elizabeth Wilhelm, the CEO of the San Diego Cannabis Delivery Alliance, one of those news sources, Voice of San Diego, confused the reader and concerned citizens of San Diego further by writing an article tinged with blanket statements regarding delivery services striving for legitimacy.

“Voice of San Diego’s recent article on legal cannabis delivery services in San Diego failed to accurately clear up the confusion, and unnecessarily made the entire delivery industry here look shady,” wrote Wilhelm.

Wilhelm defended delivery services still in the grey area of legality, explaining that they, like all other cannabis entrepreneurs are waiting for the September 11th City Council meeting when they will vote on how many licences will be disbursed for each business type.  However, delivery services are not on the docket, causing what Wilhelm calls “responsible actors” to respond urgently to convince the Council that this is needed and worth it. They only have three weeks to get this done or they’ll have to wait another year.

While Wilhelm does admit there are those services who are acting outside of state law as it was written in Proposition 215 and SB 420, (i.e.: making big mistakes such as trafficking unsafe product, using their company as a front to deliver illicit drugs or not paying business taxes or for permits) her plea is that the city starts focusing on encouraging a legal pathway for those not in compliance instead of a full shut-down.

“It’s important, however, that instead of making examples of the bad actors, city leaders instead work to encourage responsible operators to seek licensing through the legal system – no matter their current situation.”


Source: Clearing the Haze Around Cannabis Delivery Services – Voice of San Diego

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