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Major CA Cities In No Rush To Sell Recreational Marijuana

Proposition 64 granted the state the right to legally sell recreational marijuana back in November, but with the year winding down to an end and January fast approaching, no major California cities are on track to being sales. Before a business can legally sell...

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Gov. Brown Signs Weed DUI Bill, Examines Edible Packaging Laws

Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill on Monday that will prohibit smoking or consuming cannabis while driving or riding as a passenger in a vehicle in California.  State-licensed marijuana sales are just a few months away, set to begin at the start of the...

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California Lawmakers Introduce Legislation To Reclassify Marijuana

Back in November, California voted to legalize recreational use of marijuana in the state. While this has put the California marijuana market into hyper-drive, marijuana is still a Schedule I drug, creating massive road-blocks in the cultivation, research and development and sale of the...

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6 Unique Things To Do In San Diego While Medicated

Medical Marijuana is LEGAL in California, and beginning next year, recreational sale will be as well, meaning these delicious BOL buds won’t just be purchased to help ease your medical woes.  But honestly, who says medicating has to be boring? Is there a rule...

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San Diego City Council Legalizes Marijuana Cultivation 6-3

Monday the San Diego City Council came to a decision to legalize marijuana cultivation, distribution, manufacturing and testing businesses inside city limits. These new regulations directed at the supply chain establishments that provide services for legal dispensaries have immediately gone into effect.  The businesses...

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MMJ Patients in San Diego Share Stories Before Sept. 11th City Council Hearing

On September 11, 2017, San Diego City Council will convene to consider regulations that permit the cultivation, manufacturing, testing, and distribution business activities of marijuana within city limits. In preparation for this historic meeting, CannITalk, a community education group convened in the Gaslamp Quarter...

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Ask Nancy: “What Do I Do If I’m Too High?”

Hello, my lovelies.  Welcome to the first edition of “Ask Nancy,” where you can submit questions to me in the comments and I’ll answer them! As consumption of marijuana becomes more and more popular both medically and recreationally across the country, this burning question...

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Opinion Piece Challenges Negative Light Around Delivery Services

As the state of California moves into new legal territory with regards to the medical/recreational use of marijuana, there have been many attempts in local papers to clear up the confusion with regards to the local municipal regulations.  According to Elizabeth Wilhelm, the CEO...

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John Oliver Nails Marijuana Legalization Problems In Country

In this 13 minute video clip (worth it) of John Oliver, host of HBO’s Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, Oliver explains the ridiculous inconsistencies various states are facing with the legalization of marijuana.  Albeit a humorous take on the situation, Oliver discusses the...

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CBD: What Is It And Why Should I Try It?

CBD or Cannabidiol is a cannabis compound with amazingly effective medical benefits, but without the psychoactive components brought about with THC compounds. Plain english: CBD doesn’t get you high, but is recommended for anyone dealing with a wide variety of medical ailments such as...

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