MMJ Patients in San Diego Share Stories Before Sept. 11th City Council Hearing


MMJ Patients in San Diego Share Stories Before Sept. 11th City Council Hearing

On September 11, 2017, San Diego City Council will convene to consider regulations that permit the cultivation, manufacturing, testing, and distribution business activities of marijuana within city limits. In preparation for this historic meeting, CannITalk, a community education group convened in the Gaslamp Quarter downtown to share and discuss the impact that medical marijuana has made to residents in the city.  The city only licenses dispensaries, with no legal framework for local resources and cultivation.  The proposed regulations leave out delivery services all together.

Pattie Harris, a speaker at the event, shared her life-long process of treating her diabetes, pain, insomnia, depression and anxiety with a myriad of 19 pharmaceuticals that failed to give her relief. After finally ignoring her initial hesitation to try medical marijuana, Pattie found that 20-60mgs of THC daily helped her reduce her pharmaceutical use down to one-third of what she was taking.

“I feel angry about misinformation,” Pattie said after speaking to the group. “I feel angry about believing the propaganda about marijuana. And I feel pissed at pharma for doing this to me.”

Harris, like others at the meeting, felt influenced by public opinion and stigma that came with trying marijuana which kept her from trying it for years. After doing significant personal research, Harris found a system of dosages that works for all her conditions. Harris was not the only speaker at the event. CannItalk hired a videographer to edit a prepare a video of all the participants’ stories to present at the hearing on September 11.

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Organizers for CannITalk and other demonstrators with a desire for safe access to medical marijuana will meet outside of City Hall before the 2pm hearing to prepare for public comment.


Source: San Diego MMJ Patients Share Their Stories – High Times

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