Legal Cannabis Pads American Job Force


Legal Cannabis Pads American Job Force

In this recent article by Leafly, they set off to find out exactly how many jobs have been created by legal marijuana in the country.

Last year they discovered that 122,814 jobs relied on the legal status of cannabis in America. In one year, that figure changed to 149, 304 people working in the legal cannabis industry.  These numbers equate to an increase of 22% in one year. This is not including businesses applying for licences in legalized states who are still operating illegally, but contributing to the economy.

Not all of these jobs actually work directly with cannabis. These estimates include lawyers for business owners,  cannabis real estate agents, electricians and farmers who consult on grow operations, hydroponic farming supply houses, insurance brokers, software developers, etc.  California appears to supply the majority of these jobs, with 47,711 being provided in the state alone.

Illustration by Amy Phung/Leafly

The Leafly researchers Bruce Barcott and Gage Peake went on to delve into each state with cannabis use legalized and broke it down by percentage increase of jobs provided in the last year and whether those states were adult use only, recreational only or both legalized.

California, with the highest amounts of jobs provided and the highest percentage increase in the last year out of all the states appears to have a medical market of $2.4 billion.  Specifying that it was notoriously difficult to quantify, they estimated 10% growth of the medical marijuana market and the widespread hiring that businesses are expected to do in preparation for the new adult use laws in 2018.  This bump puts California’s market value at $2.64 billion.



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