Gov. Brown Signs Weed DUI Bill, Examines Edible Packaging Laws


Gov. Brown Signs Weed DUI Bill, Examines Edible Packaging Laws

Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill on Monday that will prohibit smoking or consuming cannabis while driving or riding as a passenger in a vehicle in California.  State-licensed marijuana sales are just a few months away, set to begin at the start of the new year, so lawmakers are scrambling to write bills to prevent some issues they believe will be a problem. dui-pot

Citing a 2012 study by the California Office of Traffic Safety which found that more weekend nighttime drivers in California tested positive for marijuana than alcohol, Gov. Brown signed the bill with the hopes of deterring people to drive under the influence.Exactly how they will determine if someone is breaking the law or driving under the influence of marijuana is still a little cloudy. While no working “weed breathalyzer” is currently on the market, there are products in testing that will aid law enforcement in DUI checks eventually.  The new law makes this a punishable offense with a $70 fine.

Earlier in the week, the Governor vetoed a bill that would have barred any type of marijuana packaging that appeals to minors. There are hundreds of products on the market, with some packaging that makes edibles look like regular candy, cookies, brownies and cereals.


While this exact bill did not pass, more laws are being written currently with the specific intent of keeping children away from marijuana products. One bill in particular written by Democratic Assemblyman Rudy Salas of Bakersfield, is asking that marijuana infused edibles will not be made in the shape of fruit, insects, animals, or a person.  Opposers of the bill say children will try to eat candy regardless of the shape.

Source: Smoking pot while driving or riding in a car in California will soon be illegal – The Cannifornian

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