Concentrates: A Breakdown

Concentrates: A Breakdown

If you’re new to the concept of concentrates in the cannabis world, welcome!  In this blog, I’ll break down the various forms of concentrate, how they’re made and how to consume them.  Let’s get this party started.





RSO, or Rick Simpson Oil, is the essential oil extracted from the cannabis leaves and flowers, heated by a solvent.  The solvent is usually some type of grain alcohol, like Everclear.  This is not an oil used for dabbing, or even smoking.  This is most commonly used by oral syringe–squirting a little in the back of the mouth or under the tongue.  This is the type of oil you might see in those powerful videos that show how effective cannabis oil can be in the stopping of seizures or to treat those with cancer.  Watch one of those videos here. 



Live resin is a new way of extracting the oils from the cannabis plant by flash freezing the plant, then using fancy lab equipment to extract the oils.  Freezing the plants quickly preserves the terpenes and important cannabinoids in the process, making the finished product tastier and more flavorful.



As far as potency and purity goes, this is what you’re looking for, folks.  Shatter is created by cannabis materials going through a double extraction. This gets rid of a big majority of the fats and other plant particles from the oil, creating a glass-like sheet of hardened resin (oil).  Boom goes the dynamite– you’re looking at up to 80% THC in most shatters! While this can cause some pretty intense psychoactive effects, it’s not going to taste as good as a live resin may.



Start with some hash. 

Cool.  Now to bubble it up, we add some ice, ice, baby.  Trichomes are extracted from the flowers by shaking them around with ice water by mixing the frozen trim or flower with a lot of ice in a big bucket. After the mix is stirred around, and the trichomes are separated from the plant material by being strained,  they are dried overnight and turn into a sticky powder in the process. Science is neat.



This concentrate is very similar to shatter, but it’s …buttery-er. It’s made with a butane hash oil extraction (BHO) technique and then whipped into a creamy butter-like consistency that’s similar to ear wax.  It usually contains more terpenes and less THC.  More flavor, less psychoactive effects.  Yum.



This is made using BHO extraction techniques during the heating and cooling process which helps crumble form its typical crumby texture.  Crumble isn’t shiny, but it’s pretty easy to manipulate onto your dabbing tool, or sprinkle on a bowl like graham crackers on your ice cream.



While everything else on this list is extracted using a solvent of some sort, this is made simply by using pressure and heat.  Cannabis trichomes are melted and pressurized into a sticky, translucent goo. You can actually try this at home (if you are a responsible adult who understands that anything involving heat can be somewhat inherently dangerous).  Quite literally all you need is a straightener and some parchment paper.   Place the paper around your flower of choice, turn that straightener all the way up and squeeze the flower.  What you have left is a concentrated oil you can dab with!


There you have it! Now you are no longer tardy to the party and can know what you’re talking about when it comes to concentrates.



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