6 Unique Things To Do In San Diego While Medicated


6 Unique Things To Do In San Diego While Medicated

Medical Marijuana is LEGAL in California, and beginning next year, recreational sale will be as well, meaning these delicious BOL buds won’t just be purchased to help ease your medical woes.  But honestly, who says medicating has to be boring? Is there a rule somewhere that says you must hate your medications, it’s side effects and be miserable?  Medicating with cannabis comes with the side effect of feeling high. There is a large stigma regarding getting high on marijuana that stems back to the “Reefer Madness” days that says that stoners are evil, demented and twisted individuals that want to steal your girl, your car and your money in their crazed haze.  In reality, your stoner friend will most likely want to steal your chips and soda and your Netflix password after he gets home from work.  Cannabis enhances certain experiences, especially physical ones so I thought–  Why not have a little fun?

Everyone’s high is different.

Some like to get couch-locked and watch netflix and eat snacks and take naps.  I ain’t judging. This is an amazing way to medicate. netflix-chill

Others like to get out of the house and go explore.  Of course, if you have some free time, have a safe space to medicate then get out and experience America’s Finest City– this blog is for you.  Here are 10 cool things to do in San Diego while medicated.



plural noun: geocaches
(in the activity or pastime of geocaching) an item, typically a container holding a number of other items, that has been hidden at a location whose coordinates have been posted on the Internet.
SO WE ARE TALKING A REAL LIFE TREASURE HUNT HERE.  The best way to get started would be to go to any geocache website like geocaching.com, sign up, pick a geocache and get started on your journey!  If you’re like me and feel like you’ve seen every inch of this city, geocaching can help you experience the city in a whole new light. Light up a joint, grab a buddy and find the nearest (or furthest) geocache in your town and happy exploring!




Hardly a new thing– yoga has been linked with cannabis as far back as both have been around! Starting in India, ancient yogi’s used to revere the cannabis plant, and encourage followers to partake to enhance their meditative poses.  With the medical benefits of cannabis becoming more and more acceptable, it’s no surprise that S.D. has a place you can go to enjoy both!  The Skin and Wellness Club has classes on Wednesday evenings at 7:15, with a drop-in rate of $25.  Check out their website here for more information. Namaste.





musical bridge

Everyone knows listening to music while high is an experience on another dimension, but creating music with a public piece of art? Priceless! The 25th Street Pedestrian Walkway is a corridor over the 94 freeway that is lined with chimes along it’s pathway that create a tune called “Crab Carillon” by Joseph Waters.  You have to bring a stick to slide along the walkway, reminiscent of little children sliding a stick along metal fencing. The stick and chimes create a tune as you walk, sure to be a titillating experience while medicated.










Never in a million, billion, trillion years will you ever find me skydiving. Ever.


Indoor skydiving is a thing I may consider doing.  Maybe you’ve seen the indoor skydiving facility in Mission Valley called iFly (iflyworld.com) as you’re driving down the 8 and wondered what it’s all about.  According to their website: “Indoor skydiving is the simulation of true free-fall conditions in a vertical wind tunnel. It’s where the dream of flight becomes a reality.”  If that doesn’t sound like the coolest thing to do on a Saturday morning then I don’t know what to tell you.  It looks a gagillion times safer than actual skydiving, and they have tiny children doing it so I would probably give this a try.  Experiencing the feeling of flight while medicated sounds like making beautiful memories to me.





Everyone knows that the beaches in San Diego are some of the most beautiful in the world, and an obviously awesome place to smoke and chill, listening to waves, jumping in the water and gazing at sea life.  Black’s Beach is a lovely hidden gem, known to most locals but moderately difficult to get to–making it a nudist’s dream.  You read that right. Nude Beach, baby.  The few times I’ve been to this beach I have only ever seen one or two more people hanging out there. Not everyone chooses to go there nude, but if you’re feeling daring and want to feel the ocean on your bare bum in San Diego– this is the place to do it. Skinny Dipping while high is an exhilarating experience sure to at least give you some hearty giggles.








There’s something about staring into the abyss of the night sky that puts you in another dimension. So it’s no wonder that weed and stargazing go hand-in-hand.  Wind down your day with some contemplative stargazing by checking out the amazing events coordinated by the San Diego Stargazing Association.  Linking up with other appreciators of the stars can help to give you a sense of community while being face to face with how small we all really are.  Check out SDAA’s events here, or take a ride up to the mountains with your buddies and have a private event!

Don’t be afraid to comment with your suggestions of what to do in San Diego while medicated!  Happy Toking!

Love, Nancy.

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